Study in Australia

    Cultural diversity in Australia

Australia is a multicultural country. The latest census information shows that one in four Australians were born overseas. Australians are generally open to learning about and accepting new and different cultures into their own and a wide variety of cultural events are celebrated every year.

    Western Sydney: a diverse hub of business and industry

Located in the heart of one of Australia’s fastest growing economic regions, Western Sydney is an exciting place to be. Western Sydney is an increasingly important, dynamic and culturally diverse hub of business, industry and innovation. It is nation’s third largest economy and one of the fastest growing population and employment centres in Australia.

With a large multicultural population of more than two million people from 170 nations, Western Sydney’s global links are creating unlimited opportunities for international business, investment, education and cultural exchange.

We also work with our community, business partners and industry leaders to develop course content that meets the needs of employers, the jobs of the future and responds to the challenges of a global workplace.

    Western Sydney University: a transcultural masterpiece

Western Sydney University has a culturally rich and linguistically diverse student population. We have a large number of international students and students who have recently migrated to Australia.

Adjusting to life in Australia may be challenging and might mean having to make some important life changes. This may include changes to the way you study, as well as having to study in a completely different language.

    Adjusting to the country and culture

The process of adjusting to a new country is called ‘Culture Shock’. Culture shock occurs gradually and time and effort to process and overcome. Understanding Australia’s culture, people and law can go a long way in helping you adjust.

At Western Sydney University, we have Student Advisors, a Student Counselling Service and a Student Welfare Service on hand to ease you in to campus life. We want to ensure you are happy and comfortable, and that you make the best of your time in our beautiful country, Australia.